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A healthy fish tank means healthy and happy fish. Waggin' Wheels Pet Supply in Elizabethtown, PA has all the tools and the devices to keep that tank in great shape. Our team has the experience and knowledge to answer your questions regarding fish tank upkeep and help you select the best items to make the job a breeze.

Anyone can maintain a clean and healthy aquarium. It's not a tough task, but it does call for regular attention and the best products. There are daily and weekly jobs along with the vital job of tank cleaning with partial water adjustments.

Each day, after you feed your fish, remove uneaten food after about five minutes. Also, inspect your fish to ensure they are healthy and are acting normally. Lastly, it's important to check the water temperature. Every week, check the pH, nitrite, nitrate, and ammonia levels. If it's a saltwater tank, check the salinity. Also, consider equipment such as lights and filters to see that everything is working effectively.

How often should you clean the tank? How much of the water do you need to replace? It depends on the size of the tank, the variety of fish, and whether it's saltwater. Usually, you need to swap out 10-20% of the water every one to three weeks. 

Follow these steps in your normal cleaning:

Prepare replacement water. If you use tap water, use a water filter to get rid of toxic substances. For saltwater, you'll need special reverse osmosis/deionized water.

Unplug electrical components & remove large accessories.

Siphon water into a container. Siphon along the gravel to remove the waste that builds up there. If you effectively regulate the circulation with your thumb or a built-in regulator, waste will be sucked out and gravel will fall back into the tank.

Remove algae. Use an algae-cleaning device to help.

Clean your filter. For filters such as a sponge, ceramic rings, and fiber, wash them in the water you removed and quickly reinstall} them to prevent losing essential microorganisms. Filters that contain carbon and other absorbers will need to be frequently replaced.

Add the replacement water.

Clean your tank's outside with an appropriate cleaner and fabric.

As you can see, the best devices and products are crucial. Luckily, Waggin' Wheels Pet Supply in Elizabethtown, PA understands what's needed and is your one-stop-shop for all your tank maintenance needs. Call (717) 689-3823 or stop by our store today!

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